Carrie S. Beinecke Copy of The Birds of America

July 20, 2021

Carrie S. Beinecke, with her husband Frederick “Fritz” Beinecke, donated the Frederick W. & Carrie S. Beinecke  Collection of Western Americana the the Beinecke Library (read more).  Carrie’s personal library also included a copy of the four volumes of The Birds of America. Though knowing scholars and friends of the Beinecke Library have occasionally assumed that Carrie’s copy is one of two in the Beinecke Library’s collections, this is not the case. READ MORE about the Carrie S. Beinecke copy of The Birds of America,  its relationship to the Beiencke Library holdings, and its controversial final disposition in a research summary by George Miles, William Robertson Coe Curator of Western Americana at Beinecke Library.

Image: Carrie (Caroline) Sperry Beinecke, 1907